Our Ingredients

Through longstanding relationships with like-minded purveyors and our shared respect for people, food, and craft, we feed our communities with better bread.

Side view of bread pantry sourdough loaf

Our Flour

Our flours are milled by the Girardeau Family’s Suire Mill in Boussay, France. From organic and stone-milled flours to the exacting Label Rouge standards, we simply use better flour.

The Girardeau Family’s Suire Mill in Boussay, France.

Our Butter

Our small-batch artisan butter is churned by the talented team at the Pepe Saya creamery in Caringbah, Australia.

Pepe Saya creamery in Caringbah, Australia

Our Salt

Our salt comes from the marshes of Guérande in France, where nature’s salt has been harvested using the same traditional techniques since the ninth century.

Salt marshes of Guérande in France.
Sourdough baguette by Bread Pantry

Sourdough & Tradition

Following the art of baking with natural sourdough, our breads are freshly made every day in Hong Kong. We proof our breads on linen and in wooden bannetons; we bake our breads in stone-deck ovens to ensure the best quality and incomparable taste profiles. 

The result is a bread of character with balanced acidity and bold flavours, thanks to our long natural fermentation process and premium ingredients such as 15-year-old levain, superior flour, filtered water and Guérande sea salt.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to promoting sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment at every level. From sourcing sustainable solutions and ingredients and managing our waste responsibly, to keeping packaging to a minimum and working with local charities to ensure no bread goes to waste, we do whatever we can to help build a better, more conscious community around us.